Several main factors affecting the development of the canned food industry

2021-07-13 06:43

1. The biggest problem with preservatives still lies in consumer misconceptions

There is a strange phenomenon in the domestic market, and people in the industry know that canned food is the type of food that uses the least additives and can best maintain its original taste.

2. There is still no highly concentrated leading brand in the industry The fruit canned food industry actually has some factories with large-scale living scale, craftsmanship, and management. But many factories are labeling foreign brands, and their presence is not visible in the domestic market.

3. The canned food industry needs to further expand its overall promotion

Compared to dairy products, beverages, and instant noodles, the promotion of canned food is too limited, and the convenience, fast, and safety attributes of canned food are not recognized by consumers. Providing one-step education to consumers is a matter of the entire industry.