It is a misconception to believe that canned food contains preservatives

2021-07-13 06:46

A survey report conducted by the China Canning Association on nearly 6000 consumers shows that about half of consumers believe that canned food contains preservatives.

Consumers who are not fresh and have a higher level of education have a deeper misunderstanding, which has affected the development of the canned food industry.

Liang Zhongkang, the chairman of the China Canned Food Association, introduced that canned food refers to a type of food that is canned, sealed, and then sterilized by heat to achieve commercial sterility, thereby extending the food's shelf life. There is no need to add preservatives at all.

In addition, currently, canned food in China is mainly used for export, and developed countries such as Japan, North America, and Europe are the main importers of canned food. Therefore, their safety standards are more stringent and demanding.

Therefore, in terms of production process and management level, canning enterprises have implemented very strict control. Canned fruits not only remove the skin and core, but also completely eliminate the residual pesticides on the fruit skin. The sealing, high-temperature heat treatment, and vacuum preservation process during the production of canned fruits achieve the most thorough sterilization effect. Therefore, canned fruits do not need to add any preservatives at all, and rely entirely on the sealing of the container and high-pressure sterilization of the food for long-term storage without deterioration. The high vacuum inside the container maximizes the preservation of the food's flavor and nutrition.