Dangshan County, Anhui Province,big peaches County of china

2021-07-13 06:43

Dangshan County, located in the northernmost part of Anhui Province and under the jurisdiction of Suzhou City, is known as the "Pear Capital of the World". The advantageous geographical location is at the junction of seven counties in Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Henan provinces.

Dangshan County has a large area of yellow peach planting. Huanghe Ancient Road runs through the county, with excellent natural resources and water and soil conditions. Prduce high-quality varieties of yellow peaches. The center around the old Yellow River has formed the largest yellow peach trading market in China, which has attracted nearly 100 miles of peach farmers to trade nearby and provided an excellent acquisition platform for yellow peach manufacturers. In recent years, the county government has vigorously promoted pollution-free planting and prohibited the use of organic phosphorus pesticides, so that all yellow peaches in Dangshan County have reached the pollution-free standard, fully meeting the standards for exporting to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries, attracting businessmen from all over the country.

The unique soil and suitable climate conditions make the yellow peaches in Dangshan extremely superior in quality. They are pure meat, high in hardness, golden in flesh, and free from red pigments. The canned soup is not muddy, with moderate acidity and sweetness, and is highly welcomed by various processing manufacturers, making Dangshan a production base for many yellow peach processing enterprises. Renowned throughout the country.

The main varieties of yellow peaches include Jinxiu, 83, Guan5, Jintong 5, 19, etc. Their color is golden, their aroma is rich, and their flesh is not soluble, with excellent characteristics. Suitable for processing canned goods, preserved peaches, peach juice, frozen peach slices, etc. Processed products are highly popular in international markets such as Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The estimated total production of yellow peaches in 2008 is 300000 tons. The supply period is from early July to the end of September.

Dangshan yellow peach can has absorbed the essence of heaven and earth. Corn Man brand yellow peach can is elaborately processed by the ancient farming method, without adding any food additives such as preservatives and pigments. It is a must for beauty ladies and beauty, a must for relatives and friends on holidays, and a must for travel, leisure and picnic.